The Alexander Technique 

with Raewyn Khosla

About The Alexander Technique

As young children we have a vitality and ease of movement that often is diminished by adulthood. Stress, poor posture, and habitual tensions all can take their toll. The Alexander Technique offers practical tools and guidance that help restore us to our original coordination, helping us to be more present, open, and at ease in our daily lives. With benefits reported for both body and mind, the Alexander Technique brings mindfulness into three dimensions in a fun and practical kind of way!

About Raewyn

From my early Alexander Technique lessons, I experienced a sense of inner harmony that was very new to me. I felt lighter and freer in myself, both physically and mentally. I found I had more energy  during my work day, and generally felt calmer and more at ease. My back pain disappeared as well.

In 1999 I graduated from the Alexander Technique Center of Cambridge in Massachusetts after completing three years of training. 

Since then I have worked with people of all ages who wish to improve their balance, ease of movement, problems with pain,  or simply to enhance their quality of life or performance.

I currently live in Ottawa, Canada, with my husband and son. I live and practice in New Edinburgh and am a teaching member of Alexander Technique International. 

About Lessons

My sessions are 50 minutes in length. During a session we gently explore the habits that may be at the root of your discomfort and use touch, observation, and body awareness to begin the process of change.

You can have as little as one lesson to start learning what it’s all about, but by committing to a minimum of five or ten lessons, you will get a better chance at starting to undo your lifelong habits. Many people choose to continue with Alexander Technique lessons for longer as they enjoy the well being and improvement that comes from the work, but even one lesson will give you something to work with!

It's also possible to learn the Alexander Technique in  a small group. Contact me for details. 

What is it for?

Pricing and Contact

Individual Session: $80

Package of 5: $360

New Edinburgh, Ottawa